Date: October 8, 2018 ( Monday )
Time: 12:30-15:30; 15:45-18:45
Venue: Dance Studio, Y Square
Contestants: attendance is free
HKD300 per session

Selected contestants as well as non-competitors will have the opportunity to perform in Masterclasses for members of the jury, and to receive comments and guidance on their performance.

Milda Agazarian

Professor of Harp, Russian Music Academy and Moscow Special Gnessin School

One of the foremost teachers, performers and public figures in the world of music in Russia, Eminent Culture Worker of Russia, Milda Agazarian is the Professor of Harp at the Russian Music Academy and the Moscow Special Gnessin School (College). Ms. Agazarian is a founding member and President of the Association of Russian Harp Teachers International, and the Founder and the Artistic Director of annual Moscow International Harp Festival. She has served on the juries of numerous harp competitions and her students have won prizes at international harp contests. Ms. Agazarian was an Honorable Guest of the VI USA International Harp Competition in Bloomington, and became the Professor-in-residence of the International Harp Academy “Harp Masters” in Switzerland in 2006. She has been the Visiting Professor of The Royal Academy of Music in London since 2009. In 2011, Professor Agazarian became the Member of the Board of Directors of World Harp Congress, and the Founder and Artistic Director of The Ksenia Erdely International Harp Competition.

Milda Agazarian是俄羅斯著名的文化表演及教育家,是俄羅斯音樂學院和莫斯科特別格尼辛學校 (學院) Moscow Special Gnessin School (College) 的豎琴教授。Ms. Agazarian 是俄羅斯豎琴師國際協會的創始成員和會長,也是一年一度的莫斯科國際豎琴節的創始人和藝術總監。她曾擔任過許多豎琴比賽的評委, 她的學生在國際豎琴比賽中屢獲獎項。Ms. Agazarian 是第六屆美國國際豎琴大賽的嘉賓, 並於2006年成為國際豎琴學院 “豎琴大師”在瑞士的住校教授。自2009年以來, 她一直是倫敦皇家音樂學院的客座教授。在 2011年, Agazarian成為世界豎琴大會的理事,其為Ksenia Erdely International Harp Competition的創始人及藝術總監。

Isabelle Perrin

Professor of Harp, Norwegian Academy of Music
Artistic Director, World Harp Congress

Isabelle Perrin began her training at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nice (she gave her first public recital at the age of seventeen), then continued her studies at the Juilliard School of Music in New York before joining the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and later on the Orchestre National de France as co-principal harpist. She was harp professor at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris for nearly 15 years and is now Harp Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (Norway), as well as Head of the Strings Department. She has given master classes throughout Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Mexico, and has been guest professor at Indiana University (Bloomington, USA), the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Juilliard School (New York), the Action Solar San Diego, the Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia) and the Royal Academy of Music (London), where she has been permanently named “Visiting Professor” as well as Honorary Associate.

An international soloist, Isabelle Perrin is regularly invited to play with prestigious ensembles such as the Northwest Sinfonietta (USA), the Orchestre Symphonique d’Oshawa-Durham (Canada), the Coastal Symphony of Georgia (USA), the National Symphony Orchestra (Ireland), the BBC Wales Orchestra (Wales), the Orchestre Symphonique de Bruxelles (Belgium), the Darwin Symphony Orchestra (Australia), the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland), the Korean Chamber Orchestra (South Korea), the Xiamen Symphony Orchestra (China), as well as numerous French orchestras, including the Orchestre national de France, the Orchestre national d’Ile-de-France, the Orchestre national de Lille, the Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse, the Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire, the Orchestre national de Lorraine. She has premiered and recorded several major new compositions for harp, including Bernard Andrès Danses d’Erzulie for harp, string orchestra and percussion, which was dedicated to her, and Elzbieta Sikora’s Concertino “South Shore” for Blue Harp and Orchestra.

In recognition of her exemplary career and her musical commitment, Isabelle Perrin was decorated by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and admitted to the Knighthood of the Order of Arts and Letters.

伊莎貝爾佩林自少於法國尼斯國家音樂學院學習豎琴(她的第一次公開獨奏會在十七歲), 之後在紐約茱莉亞音樂學校學習,然後加入三藩市交響樂團及成為法國交響樂團的聯席豎琴。伊莎貝爾佩林在巴黎音樂師範學校教授豎琴近15年, 現在是挪威奧斯陸音樂學院的豎琴教授及弦樂系主任。她曾在歐洲、俄羅斯、美國、日本、韓國、中國、新加坡、澳大利亞、加拿大和墨西哥等地舉辦大師班, 並在印第安那(美國布隆明頓)大學, 莫斯科偵探柴可夫斯基音樂學院, 茱莉亞學院 (紐約) 和柯帝士音樂學院 (費城) 擔任客座教授;她亦是皇家音樂學院 (倫敦)的永久客座教授及名譽副教授。

伊莎貝爾佩林經常被邀請與著名合奏團演奏,例如西北小交響樂團(美國), 奧沙瓦達勒姆交響樂團 (加拿大), 佐治亞的海岸交響樂 (美國), 全國交響樂樂團 (愛爾蘭), BBC威爾斯管弦樂團(威爾斯), 布魯塞爾交響樂團(比利時), 達爾文交響樂團 (澳大利亞), 波蘭波羅的海愛樂樂團 (波蘭), 韓國室內樂樂團 (韓國), 廈門交響樂團 (中國), 以及眾多的法國樂團, 包括了法國國家交響樂團。伊莎貝爾佩林首演和錄製了幾首個豎琴新音樂, 包括Bernard Andrès 的Danses d’Erzulie, 及 Elzbieta Sikora的協奏曲”南岸”。

為了表揚她音樂的貢獻, 伊莎貝爾佩林被法國文化部封為藝術和文化騎士。