The Hong Kong International Harp Competition aims to encourage harp students to strive for a high level of artistic achievement. It provides contestants a platform to develop their performance capabilities and encourage artistic exchange. Contestants will be judged by a highly qualified judging panel, composed of internationally renowned harpists as well as major harpists from Hong Kong.


We also aim to make the Competition accessible to the harp community and the general public and encourage more harp learning, playing, performing and appreciation.


The 1st Hong Kong Harp Competition was held in 2010, and has become an internationally-recognized competition, attracting more than 220 participants in 2018. The Competition has evolved into the Hong Kong International Harp Competition and is open to harpists of any nationality



Organizing Committee (籌委會)

Ms Ann HUANG (黃士倫), Ms Barbara SZE (施盈琳), Ms Amy TAM (譚懷理), Ms Lauyee YEUNG (楊柳依), Ms Dan YU (于丹), Hong Kong Harp Society Limited (香港豎琴協會)

Enquiries 查詢

Tel 電話: (852) 3741-0202/3741-0203
Email 電郵:
Facebook: Hong Kong International Harp Competition

1.General Conditions 一般規條

1.1 The competition is open to harpists of any nationality.


1.2 Contestants can enter more than one of the following divisions, according to the age specifications.


A.  Children Lever 兒童手撥豎琴組 – age 6 and under on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日前未滿7歲

B.  Primary I Lever 初級 I 手撥豎琴組 – age 9 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日 前未滿10歲

C.  Primary II Lever 初級II 手撥豎琴组 – age 12 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日前未滿13歲

D.  Primary III Pedal 初级 III 踏板琴组 – age 12 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日 前未滿13歲

E.  Secondary I Pedal 中級 I 踏板琴组 – age 15 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日 前未滿16歲

F.   Secondary II Pedal 中級II 踏板琴组 – age 19 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日 前未滿20歲

G.  Professional Pedal 專業踏板琴組 – age 30 and under on 1-Oct-2020 於2020年10月1日 前未滿31歲

H.  Open Pedal 公開踏板琴組 – age 20 and above on 1-Oct-2020, non-harp major current students / graduates 於2020年10 月1日 前20歲或以上, 非豎琴專業修讀或畢業學生

1.3 All performance in connection with the Competition (whether in audio or visual, or a combination of both) or any photographs, video and/or film footage or audio recording taken of the contestants shall be the property of the Organizer and its related companies. The Organizer and its related companies may use the material in any medium and in any reasonable manner it sees fit. Copyright of any such material becomes and remains the sole property of the Organizer and its related companies.



2.Application 報名

2.1 The deadline for registration is 30 Jun 2020. Entries must be received by 30 Jun 2020, 23:59HKT. Entries received after this date, incomplete entries, or entries that do not comply with the rules will not be considered. There will be no exceptions.


2.2 Application must be submitted online via our official website Online enrolment will commence in Apr 2020.

請登錄 填表, 網上註冊於2020年四月開通。

2.3 Please complete the online enrolment form and upload the followings along with your application:

i)    A photo copy of contestant’s Identity Card, Passport or Certificate of birth (JPGfile)

ii)   Scanned copy of your payment record (for offline payment)


· 身份證, 護照或出生證明書副本(JPG格式)

· 銀行入數/轉賬記錄; 微信/支付寶轉賬記錄

2.4 Non-Refundable Entry Fee (Please make sure to include all inward bank charges while you arrange the telegraph transfer)

Division A, B, C
HKD900/ USD120/ RMB830

Division D, E, F, G, H
HKD1,200/ USD160/ RMB1,100

A, B, C 組
900港幣/ 120美元/ 830人民幣

D, E, F, G , H 組
1,200港幣/ 160美元/ 1,100人民幣

* 如用微信/支付寶繳款, 只需輸入港幣

· 成功註冊報名後不設退款 (請注意閣下必須繳付所有相關銀行費用)

Payment can be arranged by

i) Bank Transfer to Standard Chartered account no. 415-0-044399-6 (Hong Kong Harp Society Limited) (please upload bank in slip for record during online registration)

ii) Bank Transfer to HSBC account no. 577-124886-001[A M C L T/A HK H CM]) (please upload bank in slip for record during online registration)

iii) Paypal via competition website

iv) WeChat / AliPay (Applicable to China bank accounts only)

v) Telegraph transfer to Standard Chartered Bank (please upload bank in slip for record during online registration)
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Beneficial name: Hong Kong Harp Society Limited
Account no.: 415-0-044399-6
Address: 18A, CKK Commercial Building, 289 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

i) 銀行轉賬至渣打銀行(香港) 賬戶415-0-044399-6 (Hong Kong Harp Society)。轉賬後請於網上註冊時上載證明文件

ii) 銀行轉賬至匯豐銀行(香港) 賬戶 577-124886-001 [A M C L T/A HK H CM] 。轉賬後請於網上註冊時上載證明文件

iii) 於網上註冊時以Paypal 付款

iv) 微信/支付寶 (只適用於國內銀行戶口)

v) 匯款至渣打銀行(香港)。轉賬後請於網上註冊時上載證明文件
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Beneficial name: Hong Kong Harp Society Limited
Account no.: 415-0-044399-6
Address: 18A, CKK Commercial Building, 289 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


3.Competition 比赛

3.1 All repertoires must be performed from memory with no repeats.


3.2 The order of performance (set piece & free choice) is left to the contestant’s own discretion.


3.3 For division A, B, C, D & H, orders of performance will be determined alphabetically by the organizer. Contestants will receive a notification email with their practice time and performance time. For division E, F, G, orders of performance will be determined by drawing of lots. Contestants will be notified their practice and performance time during the Opening Ceremony.

A, B, C, D 及 H組,比賽次序按參賽者的英文姓字母順序排列,入圍參賽者會經電郵通知比賽及練習時間。E, F, G組的比賽順序由抽籤決定,入圍參賽者的比賽及練習時間會於比賽開幕禮期間公佈。

3.4 Contestants must show up at the venue by the specified time. Those who are unable to show up on time will be disqualified. 入圍參賽者必須準時抵達會場,遲到者會被取消參賽資格。

3.5 Contestants are expected to use original scores of the works they perform and must provide 4 photo copies of the free selection piece for the jury. Photo copies will be destroyed after the competition.


3.6 Contestants must adhere to the time limit for their division, including pauses within the performance.


3.7 Competition will be opened to the public.


3.8 The decision of the judges is final.


3.9 Only Lyon and Healy and Salvi harps will be used for the Competition, practice time will be assigned. Contestants may bring their personal instruments at their own liability and cost.
比賽使用Lyon and Healy 及 Salvi 豎琴,參賽者會獲分配練習時間。 參賽者可使用自己的豎琴,但需承擔所有風險及費用。

3.10 Rules, regulations, awards and names of the jurors are subject to change without prior notice.


3.11 Winning contestants must be available to perform in the Winners’ concert. The concert will feature winners in all divisions.


In the event of any conflict between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.



4. Online Competition (currently for non-Hong Kong residents only) 『線上比賽』(目前僅適用於非香港居民)

4.1 Even though you have informed the Organizing Committee your intention to enter the Online Category (currently for non-Hong Kong residents only), you may still change back to Onsite Category by Sept 21, 2020, should travel be permitted.

4.2 Video submission should be completed by Sept 20, 2020 (HK time). No amendment will be accepted once the video is submitted.

4.3 Lever harp contestants (Division A, B or C) must use lever harp to record.

4.4 Video recording requirements 比賽錄像要求:

  • Find a quiet indoor location 一個安靜的室內環境;
  • Please observe the dress code for Onsite Category請遵從『現場比賽』類別的衣著要求 ;
  • No hand-held shooting 不能手提拍攝;
  • Do not use any app or filter effect不能使用任何修改程序或濾鏡效果 ;
  • Both set piece and free choice piece must be performed sequentially with no intermission and submitted in one file with no editing不能有任何後期製作,需一鏡到底錄影指定曲目及自選曲目,您只可以上載一個檔案 ;
  • Select 16:9 ratio and high resolution video format (4K or 1080), if possible 請盡可能選擇16:9比例及高清錄影視頻格式(4K或1080);
  • Make sure we can see the whole instrument in the video (i.e. no close-up), and preferably from a 45-degree angle 視頻需清晰顯示整個豎琴(即無特寫鏡頭),最好以45度角拍攝;
  • File submission must be in mp4 format 提交視頻必須為mp4格式;
  • Points may be deducted if the requirements are not followed 如不遵從以上要求,分數有可能會被扣除.

Special Arrangement – ONLINE CATEGORY relating to COVID – 19 travel restrictions: 

In the event that contestants’ travel to Hong Kong is restricted due to COVID-19, contestants may submit their pre-recorded performance online and they will be judged in the separate ONLINE CATEGORY. “Jury’s choice of Online Category in Gold, Silver and Bronze” will be awarded to the outstanding performers in each division. Certificates and the comments will be given to the Online Category winners. Trophies, certificates and cash prizes will be given to the Live Category winners.

1. All divisions will include a live category and an online category. Each category will have separate winners and will be judged within the category of the Division.

2. Non-Hong Kong Resident Contestants are eligible to enter the Online Category of the division for which they registered. Only enrolled contestants can enter the Online Category. Please note the competition enrollment deadline is on 30 Jun 2020.

3. Contestants must inform the Organizing Committee of their choice to enrol in the Online Category by the ONLINE OPTION DEADLINE. We will send email later in order to confirm the choice of contestants for ONLINE or LIVE category. The ONLINE OPTION DEADLINE is tentatively 15 Aug 2020, as we are still observing the evolving COVID-19 impact on international travel.

4. The Online Category is based on a pre-recorded video submission. The technical details of video format and submission will be announced by early September 2020.

5. All Online Category Contestants will receive comments from Jury.

6. The Gold Medal Winners of the ONLINE category will be invited to perform in the Winner’s concert. The format may be either an online live streaming or pre-recorded video.

7. The decision of the Organizing Committee is final.

Please refer to the link on the latest Hong Kong Government announcement on Travelling into Hong Kong (




1. 所有組別會分『現場比賽』及『線上比賽』組別。每個組別中的現場及線上組別會分開評審並有其優勝者。

2. 非香港居民參賽者均有資格進入其已註冊組別的『線上比賽』組別。只有已經註冊的參賽者才能進入『線上比賽』組別。請注意是次比賽的註冊截止日期為6月30



5. 所有『線上比賽』組別的參賽者將收到評審的評論。

6. 所有『線上比賽』組別的金獎得主會獲邀參加優勝者音樂會。形式可能是在線實時串流或預先錄製的視頻。

7. 籌委會保留最終決定權。


All winners will receive a Trophy and Certificate (得獎者均可獲得獎座及證書)

Division (組別)
Gold (金) Silver (银) Bronze (铜)
A. Children (Lever) 兒童組 Nil  Nil  Nil
B. Primary I (Lever) 初級I組 Nil  Nil  Nil
C. Primary II (Lever) 初級II組 200 150 100
D. Primary III (Pedal) 初級III組 300 200 100
E. Secondary I (Pedal) 中級I組 500 300 100
F. Secondary II (Pedal) 中級II組 800 400 100
G. Professional (Pedal) 專業組 1,000 600 300
H. Open (Pedal) 公開組 200 150 100

Divisions and Requirements


Competition Repertoire

Contestants must perform all pieces from memory. Free choice selection should be taken from the standard solo classical harp repertoire (i.e., no pop or jazz) and should be of equal or greater difficulty than the stipulated piece(s) for the Division. Free choice selection must be for solo harp, without accompaniment. The total performance length must not exceed the time limit for each division.


A. Children Lever (兒童手撥豎琴組)

Divisions and Requirements (分组)
ages 6 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日前未滿7歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose one piece from S. Inglefield: Solos by Sonja, Book 1
2. One free choice piece, time limit 4 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限4分鐘)

B. Primary I Lever (初級 I 手撥豎琴組)

Divisions and Requirements (分组)
ages 9 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前未滿10歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose any two pieces from B. Andres: Aquatintes (no repeats)
2. One free choice piece, time limit 5 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限5分鐘)

C. Primary II Lever (初级 II 手撥豎琴组)

Divisions and Requirements 分组
ages 12 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日前未滿12歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. B. Andres: Danses D’automne, #3, or #4
2. One free choice piece, time limit 6 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限6分鐘)

D. Primary III Pedal (初级 III 踏板琴组)

Divisions and Requirements 分组
Age 12 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前未滿13歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose one piece from M. Tournier: Quatre Preludes, op. 16
2. One free choice piece, time limit 6 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限6分鐘)

E. Secondary I Pedal (中级 I 踏板琴组)

Divisions and Requirements 分组
ages 15 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前未滿16歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose one from (選一)
i.  M. Glinka: Variations on a Theme of Mozart, or
ii.  J. Haydn/Salzedo: Theme and Variations

2. One free choice piece, time limit 8 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限8分鐘)

F. Secondary II Pedal (中级 II 踏板琴组)

Divisions and Requirements (分组)
ages 19 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前未滿20歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose one from (選一)
i.  1. A. Hasselmans: La Source, or
ii. A. Zabel: La Source

2. One free choice piece, time limit 10 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限10分鐘)

G. Professional Pedal (專業踏板琴組)

Divisions and Requirements (分组)
ages 30 and below on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前未滿31歲

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. Choose one from (選一)
i.  1. M. Tournier: Sonatine pour harpe, Op. 30, or
ii.  N. Flagello: Sonata for Harp
2. One free choice piece, time limit 8 minutes (自選曲一首, 時限8分鐘)

H. Open Pedal (公開踏板琴組)

Divisions and Requirements (分组)
ages 20 and above on 1-Oct-2020  於2020年10月1日 前20歲或以上

Competition Repertoire (比赛曲目)
1. A. Hasselmans: Chanson de Mai


October 2, 2020 ( Friday )
2020年10月2日, 星期五
A. Children Lever (兒童手撥豎琴組) Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 2, 2020 ( Friday )
2020年10月2日, 星期五
B. Primary I Lever (初級 I 手撥豎琴組) Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 2, 2020 ( Friday )
2020年10月2日, 星期五
C. Primary II Lever (初级 II 手撥豎琴组) Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 3, 2020 ( Saturday )
2020年10月3日, 星期六
AM 上午


F. Secondary II Pedal (中级 II 踏板琴组)

H. Open Pedal (公開踏板琴組)

Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 3, 2020 ( Saturday )
2020年10月3日, 星期六

D. Primary III Pedal (初级 III 踏板琴组)


Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 4, 2020 ( Sunday )
2020年10月4日, 星期日
E. Secondary I Pedal (中级 I 踏板琴组) Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 4, 2020 ( Sunday )
2020年10月4日, 星期日
 19:00 Award Ceremony, Winners’ Concert 頒獎禮及優勝者音樂會  Y Studio, Youth Square
青年廣場Y 劇場
October 5, 2020 (Monday)

2020年10月5日, 星期一

 19:00-21:00  Masterclass with Karen Vaughan  Online

A. Children Lever
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 225 9:30 10:00
2 293 9:35 10:05
3 146 9:40 10:10
4 188 9:45 10:15
5 204 9:50 10:20
6 49 9:55 10:25
7 273 10:00 10:30
8 115 10:05 10:35
9 113 10:10 10:40
10 3 10:15 10:45
11 155 10:20 10:50
12 193 10:25 10:55
13 201 10:30 11:00
14 60 10:35 11:05
15 85 10:40 11:10


B. Primary 1 Lever
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 156 11:00 11:30
2 117 11:05 11:35
3 173 11:10 11:40
4 229 11:20 11:50
5 8 11:25 11:55
6 191 11:30 12:00
7 27 11:40 12:10
8 182 11:45 12:15
9 288 13:00 13:30
10 192 13:05 13:35
11 32 13:10 13:40
12 208 13:20 13:50
13 145 13:25 13:55
14 270 13:30 14:00
15 213 13:40 14:10
16 112 13:45 14:15
17 20 13:50 14:20
18 281 14:00 14:30
19 64 14:05 14:35
20 30 14:10 14:40
21 21 14:20 14:50
22 125 14:25 14:55
23 247 14:30 15:00
24 132 14:40 15:10
25 129 14:45 15:15
26 233 14:50 15:20
27 174 15:00 15:30
28 135 15:05 15:35


C. Primary II Lever
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 93 16:00 16:30
2 266 16:10 16:40
3 157 16:20 16:50
4 200 16:20 16:50
5 75 16:30 17:00
6 196 16:40 17:10
7 216 18:00 18:30
8 205 18:10 18:40
9 144 18:20 18:50
10 277 18:20 18:50
11 123 18:30 19:00
12 170 18:40 19:10
13 126 18:40 19:10
14 55 18:50 19:20
15 54 19:00 19:30
16 50 19:00 19:30


D. Primary III Pedal
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 101 12:45 13:15
2 5 12:55 13:25
3 105 13:05 13:35
4 195 13:15 13:45
5 164 13:25 13:55
6 70 13:35 14:05
7 210 13:45 14:15
8 124 13:55 14:25
9 31 14:05 14:35
10 235 14:15 14:45
11 99 14:25 14:55
12 94 14:35 15:05
13 214 14:45 15:15
14 175 14:55 15:25
15 267 15:05 15:35
16 4 15:15 15:45
17 248 15:25 15:55
18 42 15:35 16:05
19 76 15:45 16:15
20 7 15:55 16:25



E. Secondary I Pedal
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 274 8:50 9:20
2 120 9:10 9:40
3 58 9:15 9:45
4 133 9:35 10:05
5 74 9:40 10:10
6 226 10:00 10:30
7 282 10:05 10:35
8 134 10:25 10:55
9 17 10:45 11:15
10 95 11:00 11:30
11 147 11:10 11:40
12 66 12:50 13:20
13 106 13:10 13:40
14 287 13:15 13:45
15 24 13:35 14:05
16 250 13:40 14:10
17 43 14:00 14:30


F. Secondary II (Pedal)
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 255 8:45 9:15
2 18 9:00 9:30
3 215 9:15 9:45


H. Open Pedal
Sequence Contestant No. Arrival Time Warm Up Time
1 34 10:40 11:10
2 219 10:45 11:15
3 71 10:50 11:20
4 1 10:55 11:25
5 111 11:00 11:30
6 98 11:05 11:35
7 258 11:10 11:40
8 302 11:15 11:45

Jason Chang

Professor of Harp, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Jason Chang is Professor of Harp at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. After sixteen years studying and working in the US, he moved back to Shanghai in 2002 where he was graduated. To popularize harp and enhance the level of harp playing, in 2010, he established the Shanghai Harp Center, the biggest harp center in China. For his achievement in teaching, he was granted the “Excellent Teacher Award” by the city of Shanghai in 2011. He has served on the juries of the USA International Harp Competition, the Lily Laskine International Harp Competition, Lille International Harp Competition, St. Petersburg Golden Harp International Harp Competition and Hong Kong Harp Competition. As an active teacher, he has given masterclasses at the Hong Kong Harp Chamber, Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, Curtis Institute of Music, San Francisco Conservatory and University of Arizona. Mr. Chang earned his Master’s degree at the University of Arizona with Dr. Carrol McLaughlin.


張小杰生於中國北京。自幼隨母親幹培雪學習豎琴,畢業於上海音樂學院和美國亞利桑那大學,先後師從胡劍鳴和 Dr. Carrol McLaughlin。在美留學期間,兩度在全美豎琴比賽中獲獎。曾任美國鳳凰城交響樂團豎琴首席,中央芭蕾舞 團豎琴演奏員,現受聘為上海音樂學院豎琴教授。

作為當今中國樂壇上活躍的豎琴教育家和演奏家,張小杰的足跡遍及亞洲、歐洲和北美洲;常應邀與上海交響樂團、北京交響樂團和中國愛樂樂團等合作演出,也曾應邀在加勒比海音樂節,北京國際豎琴節和聖彼得堡國際豎琴節等大 型音樂盛會中舉辦個人獨奏演出;與此同時,他也受聘於國際豎琴比賽中擔任評委。張小杰生於中國北京。自幼隨母親幹培雪學習豎琴,畢業於上海音樂學院和美國亞利桑那大學,先後師從胡劍鳴和 Dr. Carrol McLaughlin。在美留學期間,兩度在全美豎琴比賽中獲獎。曾任美國鳳凰城交響樂團豎琴首席,中央芭蕾舞 團豎琴演奏員,現受聘為上海音樂學院豎琴教授。

作為當今中國樂壇上活躍的豎琴教育家和演奏家,張小杰的足跡遍及亞洲、歐洲和北美洲;常應邀與上海交響樂團、北京交響樂團和中國愛樂樂團等合作演出,也曾應邀在加勒比海音樂節,北京國際豎琴節和聖彼得堡國際豎琴節等大 型音樂盛會中舉辦個人獨奏演出;與此同時,他也受聘於國際豎琴比賽中擔任評委。

Ann Huang

Principal Harp, Hong King Sinfonietta
Harp instructor, Hong King Academy for Performing Arts
Harp instructor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Music Director, Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music

After graduating from Taipei Hwa Kang Professional Arts School where she majored in konghou, an ancient Chinese harp, Ann Huang was awarded a scholarship to study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Upon graduation, Ann Huang joined the Hong Kong Sinfonietta as Principal Harp. Apart from her position at the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, she gives lectures part-time at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Music Office. She also freelances for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Ann is the Music Director of Hong Kong Harp Chamber.


黃士倫於1989年自台灣台北華岡藝術學校畢業,主修中國古典樂器──箜篌。在學期間,黃士倫曾於台北實驗國樂團及高雄市立國樂團兼任豎琴手一職, 並於中華電視台廣播電台錄放專輯。

黃士倫期後獲奬學金前赴香港演藝學院就讀,以優異成績畢業後旋即獲聘加入香港小交響樂團擔任豎琴首席。她曾多次獲邀演奏莫扎特的「長笛與豎琴協奏曲」,德布西的「神聖與世俗舞曲」,以及韓德爾的豎琴協奏曲,拉威爾的 「引子與快板」,皆獲好評。


Barbara Sze

Harp instructor, Hong Kong Harp Academy for Performing Arts

Barbara Sze graduated with a Diploma in Performing Arts (Music) and Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Music from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she majored in harp performance with Mr. Christopher Sidenius, Principal Harpist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Barbara Sze was later awarded the Advanced Certificate of Arts and Entertainment Management by the Binghamton University (SUNY), Postgraduate Diploma in Education by the Hong Kong Institute of Education and a Master of Arts degree in Music by the Hong Kong Baptist University.

As a freelance harpist, Barbara performs frequently with various orchestras such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Academy Orchestra, the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Bangkok Opera, China Film Philharmonic, China National Symphony Orchestra, International Orchestra of Italy, KBS Symphony Orchestra, and National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland. Barbara was invited to be the adjudicator for the Hong Kong Harp Competition and the harp contest of the Macau Young Musicians Competition.

As a devoted harp teacher, Barbara coaches harp students at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Music Office.


施盈琳自幼學習鋼琴,十四歲起師從香港管弦樂團首席豎琴Christopher Sidenius於香港演藝學院學習豎琴,並先後修畢演藝文憑(音樂)及音樂學士(榮 譽) 學位(主修豎琴演奏)。在學期間施盈琳獲頒成龍慈善基金獎學金;肄業後,施盈琳繼續深造,並先後獲美國紐約州立大學(賓厄姆頓)頒發文娛藝術行 政管理高級證書、香港教育學院頒發學位教師教育文憑,及香港浸會大學頒發音樂文學碩士學位。



Amy Tam

Harp instructor, Hong King Academy for Performing Arts
Harp instructor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Amy Tam is well-known to Hong Kong audiences as a harpist currently active in regular performances with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, as well as a pedagogue instructing at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Music Office. Full scholarship recipient of the Molly McAulay Scholarship as well as graduate of the China Central Conservatory of Music, Amy received her Master of Music (Performance) degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Professional Diploma with distinction from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


譚懷理畢業於北京中央音樂學院,隨後於香港演藝學院深造,並以一級榮譽取得專業文憑。 2003年,譚懷理獲頒麥高利夫人獎學金,負笈澳洲悉尼音樂學院修畢碩士學位。譚懷理現任教於香港演藝學院,香港中文大學及音樂事務處,並同時擔任香港管弦樂團及香港中樂團客席豎琴。

Karen Vaughan

Head of Harp, Royal Academy of Music
Former Co-principal Harp of the London Symphony Orchestra
Coach at major festivals
Associate Artistic Director, World Harp Congress
Founder member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Studied at the Royal Academy of Music; Head of Harp since 2010

Karen Vaughan was a founding member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, often appearing as concerto soloist, and for six years she was principal harpist of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Since 1984, she has served as co-principal harp for The London Symphony Orchestra.

Anna Verkholantseva

Principal Harp of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

Born in Moscow in 1973, Anna Verkholantseva entered the Central Music School, where she began her harp studies at a very early age. She then entered the Moscow Conservatory where she studied with the legendary Vera Dulova.
Ms. Verkholantseva has been a consistent winner at international competitions, beginning with the prestigious First Moscow International Harp Contest in 1997, when, as first prizewinner, she was awarded a concert harp donated by Salvi and Lyon & Healy.
Anna Verkholantseva has already become an international soloist of distinction.Promoted by the Victor Salvi Foundation, she made her international recital debut at London’s Wigmore Hall in 1998. During the same season she appeared as a concerto soloist at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, when she was accompanied by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sergei Stadler.
In 2000, she undertook an important concerto engagement in Talinn with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Estonia, and in 2001, in Vilnius, she was a concerto soloist with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Saulus Sondetskis. She was also a soloist with the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Vienna. She has since been appointed as the principal harpist.
Ms. Verkholantseva plays duos and trios with Yuri Bashmet, with whose ‘Moscow Soloists’ she was delighted to accept an invitation to play in the 2001 ‘December Nights’ Festival held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.
During the 2000-2001 season, she formed a very successful duo with violinist Alexander Trotstiansky and, sponsored by the Victor Salvi Foundation, they gave concerts in London (Covent Garden), Italy (Venice) and the USA (San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and in New York, where they played at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Room). Critics have been unanimous in their praise of Anna Verlholantseva’s marvelous technique and impressive artistry.
She will gives some materclasses at Trinity College London
She was honored with the accolade of an invitation to play at the opening concerts of two succeeding World Harp Congresses, at Prague in 1999,  at Geneva in 2002, at Dublin in 2005
She gave the world premieres of the Suite for Violin and Harp by Thomas Rajna, and of the Sonata for Harp and Violin, the Concerto for Two Harps and the Sonata for Viola and Harp by Valeri Kitka – works commissioned by Victor Salvi.
Before taking up her present post in Austria with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Anna Verkholantseva was principal harpist of the Moscow State Orchestra of Cinematography, the Russian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (conductor, Alexander Vedernikov) and the orchestra of the Stadttheater in Bielefeld, Germany.

Guan Wang

Harp professor in China Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM)
Principal harpist of China National Symphony Orchestra

Wang Guan holds the position of harp professor in China Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) and principal harpist of China National Symphony Orchestra. She is member of the board of directors of the World Harp Congress, and the Secretary General of Harp Society of Chinese Musicians Association. She also earned the titleOne of the Ten Greatest Harpists mentioned by China Central Television (CCTV).

Learning the harp with Prof. Zuo Yin since her childhood, Wang Guan was offered to be an exam-exempted graduate student by receiving the top honor from CCoM. At the same year, she went to France with a scholarship granted by the Government of France for a further study with Isabelle Perrin, the renowned harpist and professor at École Normale de Musique de Paris (National School of Music of Paris). Wang Guan received the Diploma Superieure de Concertiste – a highest diploma of the school – with greatest honor granted by the jury members unanimously. During her staying in France, she successfully held recitals at the Cortot Concert Hall and Cite des Arts Concert Hall in Paris.

Wang Guan has worked with great maestros such as Ozawa Seiji, Charles Dutoit and Christoph Eschenbach. In 2009, she was invited to join the Asia Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Chung Myung-whun, with other outstanding musicians throughout Asia. She successfully organized the 1st and the 3rd China International Harp Festival in 2008 and 2012 as the artistic director, and held the 1st CCOM International Harp Festival in 2014. Wang Guan is also the artistic director for the annual Harp Summer Camp at the Forbidden City Concert Hall since 2011.

As a teacher and solo harpist, Wang Guan is enthusiastic about promoting the harp and has given lectures and concerts at National Centre for the Performing Arts, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Chongqing Grand Theatre, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Shenzhen Arts School, etc. She held solo and chamber concerts throughout China with CCTV recorded and broadcasted for multiple times, and also performed numerous concerto concerts with China National Symphony Orchestra, China Youth Symphony Orchestra, Tsingtao Symphony Orchestra, Kunming Symphony Orchestra, Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra and many other top ensembles. Wang Guan was invited to give the recital at Camac harp festival,and she also played at Rlh harp festival and Word Harp Congress. She was jury of several competitions, including Hongkong International Harp Competition, Rlh International Harp Competition,, the International Harp Competition of CCOM, etc.
Wang Guan was elected to join the three-year Youth Elite Program developed by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education in 2013. Her solo album, released in 2016, was the first classical harp album released in China. Her second album – the album Chamber Music Publishing in 2019, the album contains some of the most important harp chamber music works.

自幼跟隨左因教授學習豎琴,在以優異的成績畢業於中央音樂學院管弦系後,取得了中央音樂學院免試研究生資格。同年獲得法國政府獎學金赴法國巴黎高等音樂師範學院學習,師從著名豎琴家ISABELLE PERRIN.
先後在法國UFAM國際音樂比賽,日本國際豎琴比賽等國際比賽中獲獎。在著名的CORTOT 音樂廳和CITE DES ARTS音樂廳成功的舉辦了個人獨奏音樂會。最終以“評委一致通過第一 名”的最好成績獲得了巴黎高等音樂師範學院的最高文憑—獨奏家文憑(Diploma Superieure de Concertiste.)

Ray Wang

Head of Strings and Head of Junior Music Department, HKAPA
Dip(Curtis), Professor (Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan)

Ray Wang joined the Academy in 1994. He has performed throughout the musical centers and festivals in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. His performances have taken him also to Chicago, Cremona, Florence, London, Luxembourg, New York, Saarbrucken, Segovia and Vancouver. He is an active chamber musician, and is a founding member of the Hong Kong Virtuosi, Canzone Trio and New Art String Quartet in Hong Kong; which received support from the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Music Fund and Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He was previously a music faculty member of the Baptist University and Chinese University of Hong Kong; other teaching activities included Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia, Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan and Wuhan Conservatory, Xinghai Conservatory, Central Conservatory of Music in China. His students have enjoyed a wide range of successful careers in music, and have won top prizes in such cello competitions as the 1994 International Heran Violoncello Competition, the 2001 Hong Kong Competition for Young Asian Musicians, the 2002 International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians as well as the National Cello Competition of China in 1997, 2000 and 2004.



Matthew Wu

Principal Flautist of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong
Instructor of the Hong Kong Institute of Education

Matthew Wu studied with Leng Jian Hua at Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music in his early years. After graduating from the Conservatory with honors, he obtained a full scholarship to further his study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and studied with Margaret Crawford. Wu has been active especially in South East Asia and Europe, participating in various famous orchestras including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Asian Youth Orchestra. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wu was awarded the Rachel Percival Scholarship to further his study with Paul Edmund Davies, Edward Beckett and Phillipa Davies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where he completed his postgraduate diploma and a Licentiate in flute performance. After his overseas study, Wu has incorporated with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra as a soloist. Wu was invited by the RTHK Radio 4 for broadcasting and recording, as well as the Macau Cultural Council as the adjudicator for the Youth Music Competition. In 2002 summer, he was invited to perform at the Rome Music Festival as the principal flautist of the Rome Festival Orchestra. The performance was funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He was invited to perform at the Taiwan International Flute festival as a guest performer and released his first flute CD album『Music in Air』which received great acclaim in 2009. As an instructor, Wu has been teaching at the Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts and The Education University of Hong Kong since 1995, where he was awarded the “Honorary Artist in Residence” in 2013. He is currently the Principal Flautist of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. To promote flute music in Hong Kong as well as to foster its standards at an international level. Wu has founded the Hong Kong Flute Association and the Hong Kong Flute Academy, and is currently the chairman and music director of both. Through organizing event with world class artists such as the Swiss legendary Peter-Lukas Graf, Paul Edmund-Davies, James Galway and Vincent Lucas, and the event “Around the World -Emmanuel Pahud & Christian Rivet Hong Kong”, and “A Celestial Journey from Berlin: Emmanuel Pahud & Marie-Pierre Langlamet in Recital”. In 2019, he successfully organized the first Hong Hong International Flute Competition. Wu has brought together the melodious musical exchange between the flute world in Hong Kong and that internationally.

胡永彥早年畢業於廣州星海音樂學院,師承冷劍華老師。1992年,考獲香港演藝學院獎學金並繼續深造,師承郭羅褔老師。在演藝學院學習期間,胡氏已經踏足東南亞及歐洲作公開表演,所演出過的音樂會,遍佈全世界。曾參與過的樂團包括香港管弦樂團、香港小交響樂團及亞洲青年管弦樂團之歐洲之旅。期後,胡氏以優異成績畢業於香港演藝學院,隨即考獲英國波斯富獎學金,遠赴英國倫敦著名的喬凱音樂學院深造,師承保羅。艾文。戴維斯、愛德華。貝嘉及菲利帕。戴維斯,並取得音樂研究生文憑和長笛演奏文憑。回港後 ,胡氏舉行多次獨奏音樂會並以獨奏家身份獲邀與各大樂團合作,包括香港城市室樂團、香港愛樂管樂團、香港管弦樂團及香港室樂團等。

胡氏常獲邀到香港電台第四台灌錄錄音以及為澳門文化局擔任澳門青年音樂比賽評判。2002年夏天,胡氏獲羅馬音樂節邀請遠赴意大利羅馬與其樂團合作演出,並獲擔任首席長笛,此活動更獲香港藝術發展局資助。 2009年胡氏更分別獲台灣國際長笛藝術節及中國兩岸四地長笛節邀請,擔任表演嘉賓。同年更推出個人首張長笛音樂專輯『Music in Air』獲得外界一致好評。

胡氏曾任教於香港演藝學院及香港教育大學多年,更獲學院頒發榮譽駐校藝術家獎項。現正為香港城市室樂團之長笛首席。2004年胡氏創辦了香港長笛協會和香港長笛藝術學院至今,並擔任 Tutti Flutti 長笛室樂團和Tutti Flutti 長笛合奏團音樂總監及指揮 。多年來胡氏邀請了多位世界級長笛演奏家來港合作舉辦多個音樂活動,如瑞士國寶級長笛大師彼得盧卡斯格拉夫、占士高威、 保羅艾文戴維斯及文生盧卡,以及2016年 『用音樂環遊世界 – 帕胡德與克利斯提安‧希維 2016香港』與及 『帕胡德與蘭格拉美 – 長笛與豎琴音樂會』。2019年,他成功舉辦了「第一屆香港國際長笛比賽」 ,胡氏通過舉辦這些活動,令香港長笛音樂與國際長笛音樂之間的交流更密切,提昇香港長笛音樂的水準。胡氏通過舉辦這些活動,令香港長笛音樂與國際長笛音樂之間的交流更密切,推動了長笛音樂的發展以及提昇香港長笛音樂的水準。

Lauyee Yeung

Associate Music Director, Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music

Described as “extremely musical”, Lauyee has numerous performance experiences all over the world. She has been awarded with distinction for her Master of Arts double degrees at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the University of London.

Lauyee started her musical journey at the age of 6, by the age of 7 she had already started giving regular public solo recitals. At the age of 10, she gained entry to the highly prestigious Attached Middle School of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where she was awarded scholarships every year for her outstanding performance.

After graduating with honors, Lauyee pursued further studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London for her Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts (Music) degree under head of Harp Department Skaila Kanga and renowned harpist Catherine White.

Lauyee won numerous prizes including the 1st prize in the N.Borenstein harp competition, 1st prize of solo Bach competition. She was also awarded a Financial Assistance Bursary by the Royal Academy of Music and a scholarship by the Musicians Benevolent Fund to support her postgraduate studies.

Her interest in contemporary repertoire has led her to numerous premiering works by Richard Bissell, Gareth Woods, Rhian Samuel, Eric Crees, Joby Talbot. She was selected to give a solo recital in Amsterdam in June 2010, and to give several solo concerts in Switzerland, St Martin-in-the-Fields in London as well as for hospices and hospitals in the United Kingdom. An active member of the Royal Academy of Music Harp Ensemble, Lauyee performed with the group at the Duchess of Gloucester’s birthday celebrations and for the HRH Prince Charles’ 60th Birthday at the Royal Opera House in London.

Lauyee has taken up the position of Associate Music Director at the Hong Kong Harp Chamber. As an active solo performer, Lauyee has given many public recitals in Hong Kong and other major cities in Asia. She has had the honor to appear and perform in an UNHCR event recently with renowned Hollywood movie star Ms. Kristin Davis, known internationally for her role in the movie “Sex and the City”, to support UNHCR’s work in safeguarding the well-being of refugees.

Lauyee’s students have won numerous prizes all over the world. She has been awarded two certificates for excellent preparation of students for The Szeged International Harp Competition in Hungary in 2013 and 2016 respectively. In 2017, Lauyee was awarded the Best Teacher Award by the 18th Osaka International Music Competition Committee in Japan for her teaching excellence and leadership. Locally she was also presented with the Outstanding Teacher Award 2017 by Hong Kong Children Music and Art Association. In 2018, Lauyee has again been awarded four certifications by the 8th International Music Competition Amigdala Hong Kong region for demonstrated teaching excellence and leadership in music education. With a view to promoting harp music and education, Lauyee took pleasure in giving interviews, together with her students, to the mass media including Apple Daily, ATV, TVB and Viu TV.

Lauyee has recently been appointed as Associate of Royal Academy of Music in London. The title is awarded to musicians who have distinguished themselves within the profession and have made significant contributions in their musical fields.



楊柳依六歲開始接受正統音樂訓練,並於翌年起定期舉行獨奏會,年僅十歲即獲北京中央音樂學院附屬學校取錄,期間每年均以傑出成績贏得獎學金;畢業後旋即前赴英國皇家音樂學院修讀音樂學士及碩士學位,先後師事豎琴系主任Skaila Kanga和著名豎琴家Catherine White。


楊柳依熱愛現代音樂,曾為多位作曲家的作品作首演,包括Richard Bissell、Gareth Woods、 Rhian Samuel、Eric Crees、Joby Talbot。演出經驗豐富的她,曾獲邀於阿姆斯特丹舉行豎琴獨奏會,並曾於瑞士及倫敦聖馬田作豎琴獨奏演出。她曾在英國多間醫院及療養中心彈奏豎琴音樂,協助病人紓緩情緒,利用音樂幫助有需要的人。此外,楊柳依也是英國皇家音樂學院豎琴合奏團的活躍份子,曾為告羅士打公爵夫人作生日獻奏及於倫敦皇家歌劇院為查理斯皇子六十大壽作皇室御前豎琴演奏。

自2010年起,楊柳依加盟香港豎琴堡擔任音樂總監並同時積極在香港及其他亞洲主要城市公開表演。最近她更榮獲聯合國難民署邀請,與荷李活電影《慾望都市》的著名影星暨聯合國難民署親善大使Kristin Davis一起出席活動,並演奏豎琴,以支持該署竭力保障難民福祉的使命。

楊柳依的學生們成績優異,在多項國際比賽中屢獲殊榮。楊柳依分別於2013及2016年榮獲匈牙利國際豎琴大賽頒發獎狀,表揚其卓越的教學水平。2017年更奪得第十八屆日本大阪國際音樂大賽的「最佳教師獎」及香港兒童音樂及藝術協會的「傑出教師獎」兩個教育獎項。2018年她再次因為學生出色的比賽成績榮獲義大利國際豎琴大賽頒發的四項教學獎狀。多年來為推動豎琴音樂及教育,她屢次與學生一起接受報章及電視訪問,當中包括蘋果日報、亞洲電視、無線電視和Viu TV。


Dan Yu

Gold Medal Winner, 2001 USA International Harp Competition
Harp instructor, Hong Kong Harp Academy for Performing Arts
Music Director, Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music

Since winning the Gold Medal of the prestigious 5th USA International Harp Competition in 2001, Dan Yu’s lyrical interpretations, profound musicality, and technical mastery have captivated and dazzled audiences across three continents. She has performed solo recitals and chamber music concerts throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and appeared to great acclaim at Alice Tully Hall, New York, and Wigmore Hall, London. The New York Concert Review hailed her as “a unique and major talent capable of bringing the art of harp playing and the way the world views it to an entirely new dimension… …radiating so much joy… …it seems she’s already in a class by herself.” She was featured more recently in Bright Sheng’s Intimacy of Creativity Project in Hong Kong, Lyon & Healy’s 150th Anniversary Celebration concert series in Chicago, and the opening concert of the World Harp Congress in Sydney.
As a harp teacher, Dan Yu has given master classes throughout the US, in major conservatories of China, and the Royal Academy of Music in London. Since moving to Hong Kong in 2008, her students have won prizes at international and national competitions in France, Japan, USA, Russia, Serbia, Korea, China and Hong Kong. She also served on the jury of the prestigious USA International Harp Competition at the Indiana University in 2013.
Dan Yu’s performances have been broadcast on television and radio stations in USA, China and Hong Kong. A documentary on her was broadcast worldwide via CCTV 4. She has two classical solo CDs and one DVD released. “The Nightingale”, “Spring on the Moonlit River”, and “Dan Yu-Live Recital”.
Currently Dan Yu is the Music Director at the Hong Kong Harp Chamber, and harp instructor at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Dan Yu was also the Co-Chair of the Host Committee for the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong.


于丹於2001年在美國「國際豎琴大賽」中,從十四個國家三十七位參賽者中脫穎而出勇奪「金獎」, 為首位華人在國際豎琴大賽中獲得最高榮譽獎項,獎品包括一台為是次大賽特別製造的24K包金Lyon & Healy豎琴。

于丹出生於瀋陽一個音樂之家。六歲開始學鋼琴,十歲學豎琴,考入瀋陽音樂學院後跟隨樂平秋教授研習豎琴演奏。於1993,于丹年前赴美國《皮巴迪音樂學院》進修,師承Dr. Ruth Mglafield,並考獲學士及碩士學位。隨後就讀《印地安大學》,師從當代豎琴泰斗 Susann Mcdonald 攻讀藝術文憑。於 1995和1996年于丹連續兩年在美國豎琴協會的Anne Adams比賽中獲首獎。

于丹嫻熟的技巧、行雲流水般的演奏,對樂曲深刻的詮釋和抒情的音樂深深地吸引了聽眾。她曾於美 國、歐洲及亞洲舉行獨奏會、室樂音樂會。於紐約林肯中心的Alice Tully Hall及倫敦的Wigmore Hall的演 出更大獲好評。《紐約音樂會樂評》雜誌稱:「如何將藝術融入豎琴演奏中,她表露了獨一無二的極 高才氣」、「她似乎有一種能力可以讓兩隻手甚至每根手指一一聽起來都有不同的樂器色彩和織體」 。近年于丹亦有參與香港科技大學與香港管弦樂團、藝術總監盛宗亮先生呈獻的「創意間的親暱」、 以及著名琴廠「Lyon & Healy 150週年慶祝音樂會」及悉尼「世界豎琴大會開幕音樂會」 的演出。

于丹曾於美國各地,中國各大音樂學院,以及倫敦的《英國皇家音樂學院》教授「大師班」。自2008 年來港教授,她的學生在法國、日本、美國、俄羅斯、塞爾維亞、韓國、中國及香港舉辨的多個國際和全國比賽中屢獲殊榮。2013年,于丹為於《印第安納大學》舉行,享負盛名的美國《國際豎琴大 賽》擔任評判。

于丹的演出曾於美國、中國及香港的電台及電視台播出。中國中央電視台中文國際頻道(CCTV 4)更曾向全球播出于丹的專訪特輯。她灌錄了兩張獨奏CD及一張DVD,分別為《夜鶯》、《春江花月夜》 及《于丹 – 現場演奏會》。


The 5th Hong Kong International Harp Competition gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors